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    The Book Version of our 2011 debut symposium report is now available through Universal
    Publishers,, and Barnes & Noble.  Its lead editor, Dr. Andrew D. Jackson, explains:

    Exploring the Vitality of Stare Decisis in America is about much more than a legal doctrine.  
    It examines the administration of justice in America; not simply to highlight its strengths or
    flaws (which the book does), but to determine whether it ultimately enshrines the rule of law.

    Mr. George Stokes, Sr. is National Program Chairman for POPULAR, a symposia co-sponsor.  Mr.
    Stokes emphasizes:

    Good government advocates from all walks of life should be part of this discussion about
    American courts.  When there is bad law, we can work to change it . . . but every person
    should have some idea of what to expect in court based on laws that are on the books.  
    Protecting our reasonable expectations is what I see the Fogg program as being about.
    A new addition to our esteemed panel is
    Professor Diane J. Klein of LaVerne College of
    Law - Ontario, CA.  She says:

    Zena Crenshaw-Logal’s book,
    Exploring the Vitality of Stare Decisis
    in America, usefully brings together a
    number of strands of thought explored
    at the 2011 Matthew Fogg Symposium
    on this topic, which featured a number
    of distinguished legal academics,
    practitioners, and good government

    Our Legacy Sponsor:

    Matthew F. Fogg retired as a Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal with 32 years of outstanding public
    service.  Mr. Fogg graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia with a
    Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He was sworn in by the United
    States Marshals Service (USMS) as a Deputy U.S. Marshal and soon became a highly decorated
    federal law enforcement officer.  Mr. Fogg was cross designated a Supervisory Special Agent
    "Group Supervisor" in charge of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) joint drug and
    gun interdiction - Metropolitan Area Task Force. Later he was promoted to Inspector-In-Charge of
    the USMS Foreign Fugitive section linked with the ‘International Criminal Police Organization’ –
    INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization with 188 member countries
    involving “who’s who” in worldwide law enforcement personnel.

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Matthew Fogg
    Our NGO Co-Sponsors:

  • Government Accountability Project (GAP) - Founded in 1977, GAP is the nation’s leading
    whistleblower protection and advocacy organization. Located in Washington, D.C., GAP is a
    nonpartisan, public interest group. In addition to focusing on whistleblower support in its stated
    program areas, GAP leads campaigns to enact whistleblower protection laws both domestically
    and internationally. GAP also conducts an accredited legal clinic for law students, and offers an
    internship program year-round.
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  • National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) - Since 2003, NBJC has provided leadership at the intersection of mainstream civil rights groups and mainstream LGBT organizations, advocating for
    the unique challenges and needs of the African American LGBT community that are often
    relegated to the sidelines. NBJC envisions a world where all people are fully-empowered to
    participate safely, openly and honestly in family, faith and community, regardless of race, gender
    identity or sexual orientation.
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  • National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) - NFOJA is a grassroots, judicial reform initiative.  It strives to get past debates on judicial integrity with workable solutions to help ensure
    America’s judiciary is unbiased, remains faithful to the Constitution, and follows the rule of law.
Judge DeAnn
Salcido (ret.)
Professor Colin Starger
Crenshaw-Logal, Esq.
Moderator and
2011 - 2012
Professor Terri R. Day
Tom Devine, Esq.
Professor Jeffrey J.
Professor Kylar W.
Professor Drew
Noble Lanier
Professor Vincent
R. Johnson
Our 2012 Panelists:
Professor Lara A. Bazelon
Professor Diane J. Klein
    October 25 - 26, 2012                    Loyola Law School                  Los Angeles, CA
  • POPULAR (formerly POPULAR, Inc.) - POPULAR is an acronym for
    "Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored" and a legal reform
    organization, committed to helping poor and other disadvantaged people
    access affordable and competent legal representation, appropriate
    judicial oversight, and important civil and criminal justice system reforms.
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